Saturday, November 25, 2006

MySpace - Update 11/25/06

I have mono. You should have seen my face when the doctor told me. I was thinking 'Me? Mono? Surely you jest.' But the blood test confirms it. For those of you who have never had mono (that you know of) or that are sitting there going 'OMG that slut was out kissing people and got sick' I recommend you read this link. I had to google 'mono' when I got home because although I know people that have had mono, I've never thought I had it. This is another good link as well. I have no idea where I caught it - maybe some stranger coughed or sneezed on me and I didn't notice, or maybe it was when Caroline asked to use my lip gloss a few weeks ago. Maybe it was aliens! I have no clue (as usual).

The funniest part was that the doc said 'say ahh' and the second i opened my mouth she said 'Oh my, if that's not strep I'll eat my shorts!' I thought 'PHEW!'. Then she felt my neck and went 'Oh.. hmm.. um.. well we'll see what your strep test says and if it's negative then I'll have someone from the lab come in to draw your blood to test.' She left. Not 2 minutes later a lab tech came in and I'm sure my face said 'Oh f*cking no.' She didn't tell me the results, just took my blood.. but I knew what that meant. (Dammit.) Finally the doc came back and told me the blood test had confirmed mono and I wanted to tell her to eat her d*mn shorts.

I started to think after reading these articles, that mono is sort of like chicken-pox for 20-somethings. Seems like our parents should round us all up and make us share drinks if they find out that one of us had it. I really wish I'd had it in high school now, I was never kissing anyone back then anyway and there are a few people that I would have loved to make feel this miserable. (Yes, I would have. I'm just a spiteful bitch underneath this sweet fairy exterior. Don't you know me at all? )

That is all. I am told that no medicine can cure me. I need to keep hydrated and lay around like a lazy ass until I start to feel better. That is, for 2-3 months. Oh yeah, and no open-mouth kissing for 6 months. Ha! She even gave me a dr's note for '1 week off of work or school'. Yeah, like that's going to happen. If only I could still get paid for it!

I hope that I haven't infected anyone - I am truly sorry if I have. I will attempt not to infect anyone else, or at least let people know that I'm broken yet again.

If it's not one thing it's the next, isn't it? Maybe I will be healthy sometime in the summer of 2007, I'll let you all know.

Love and peace,