Saturday, August 30, 2008

Busy Bee Weekend

Yesterday I had my eye appt and got a new pair of trial contacts - they are OK so far and not as sticky/dry as the Acuvue ones can get in my eyes but I'm still getting used to them since I haven't worn contacts regularly in years! Afterwards I came home and we had lunch and then set out on our wedding planning adventure.

We went around to a few different reception venues and couldn't find anything but we are waiting to hear back from the K of C about their 'lounge' (kind of a restaurant area with 1/2 of the bar) - I think it would be perfect and I really hope we get it!! It will seat up to 75 people with a small dance floor and it's just been re-done in the last few years so it is very pretty. There is even a door to the patio if anyone wants to eat outside (with the bugs - not me!). It's also CHEAP. So, please sent good vibes or prayers my way about that because if the other wedding party that is using the bigger room says no I may have to call her myself crying and pleading.

After that we stopped by Beth's Bake Shoppe (reportedly the best cake shop in town) and made an appt for Wednesday to order our cake - and she has the day open!! Then I called Beth's Photography (which is in the building Beth's Bake Shoppe started out in - 'what a twist!' as M Knight would say - oh, and it's a different Beth...) and made an appointment for this morning. So I now have the photographer booked as well, and a deposit paid to them that hurt my checkbook but they were the best pictures I saw AND the least expensive, so it was a no-brainer. Also, they are totally digital and I really liked the look & style of their pictures the best - I think it is a great fit. (Justin still wonders why we can't just give everyone a disposable. Men!)

So the only thing I didn't nail down was a dress, but I can't afford to order it now (after the photographer's huge deposit) so I'm not as sad as I would be otherwise. I did find a shrug to wear since I will probably have to get a sleeveless and just in case it is cold - so that is like 5% of the dress. :) My cup is 5% full!!

We also need to go order the rings soon, but at least we already have those picked out. I'm toying with the idea of printing our own invitations even though the ink will probably cost the same as ordering them online so hopefully I can afford to order them once we find out where we can have the reception too. It's so crazy that it's only 2 months to the wedding now!! I know everything will come together, since it all just feels so right whenever something is decided. :)

I got my new credit card with a picture of Tigger on it. It was free, and I was bored... so you know how that goes. It is so cute!!

OK, I'm going to go knit now and hopefully wind down from this tornado I've become. Thankfully Justin is at a LAN party today until late tonight so I only have Tigger to bug me!! :) I may go do some laundry too since I just realized that I stripped the bed so I can't just wait until tomorrow. Bummer! :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New TomTom Screens

Being up at 4 AM means that I get a lot of weird things done.

Like making new splash screens for my TomTom. :)



Enjoy. :)

Big Fat Fabulous Birthday

My big fat fabulous birthday week (ala Gilmore Girls) was certainly big and fabulous! :)

It started off with cards on Saturday (T-2 days) from Justin's sister and my Aunt which I was NOT expecting and was a fabulous surprise!!

On Monday (BFFBDay) I went to work because it was going to be pretty stress-free with a certain person gone, AND we got Panera Bagels as my birthday treat! I also received presents from Rose, Tracy, Lynn & Della including a noisy fun Halloween cat (that I annoy Tracy with at least once a day), Double Stuf Oreos, Hoops & YoYo post-its, Jelly Bellys and a silicone mini pan for making brownie bites! I got one card in the mail, from Justin's mom - and a call from her before we headed out to dinner. I had my fajitas from Chili's AND my favorite drink - a dirty Ketel One martini. I also had a call from my own momma (mid-martini) just to say hi and happy birthday. We came home and Justin gave me my new TOMTOM and let me play with it for about a 1/2 hour before going to bed. It was the BEST birthday I've had in years!!! :D

Tuesday, TomTom told me how to get to work AND home. :D

Of course, the BFFBDay must continue all week, because of presents ordered online! I came home Thursday to a giant box full of KnitPicks knitting needles from my mom (package #1) and Justin's other present - a 'Babette ate oatmeal!' t-shirt!! He said that the TomTom proved that he loved me and didn't want me to be scared and lost ever again and the t-shirt proved that he DOES listen to me even when I'm talking about crazy things. Have I mentioned how he's the best? :) My friend Hanie stopped by to hang out for the night on her way home to MN and I haven't seen her in YEARS! We had a ton of fun and talked about 80 miles a minute.

A few more cards trickled in (including funny ones with fun money from my gma, aunt & uncle) and I have a feeling that BFFBDay week is winding to a close. :) I received package #2 from my mom last night which included a load of knitting books, 2 skeins of fabulously cool sock yarn and a TINY 9" US3 circular needle to make them on, misc knitting accoutrements (stitch markers, cable needles, smaller darning needles, gauge wizard), Bearfoots ornaments (because each package has a bearfoots!), a North Pole shot glass, some gen-u-ine Alaska teas to try and favor boxes for the wedding and a card with a check. YAY!!

This is officially my favorite birthday in at least the last 10 years. :D

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Home Knits

I know, I should finish some projects before starting new ones! :)

Lily Sugar & Cream cotton yarn was on sale for $1 at Michaels last week so I picked up a basket full to use for baby presents and other fun things. They had one kind - Country Twists - that I loved because it matched my kitchen. I hit the Patterns section on ravelry when I got home to find out what I could make out of it and decided on a button-towel like the ones I used to have at gma's house. :) I may also make one with braided tie-tops.

I would also like to try making a rug soon, maybe one for in front of the garage door or a bathroom mat but I will need to find some cones of colors I like for that. I will also be checking out Hobby Lobby this week - they have some 'I love this yarn' brand cotton on sale. If it is softer like the one I'm using now I will see if it is cost-effective for me to try some of that. :)

I'd also like to try the Bubbly Curtain from my Mason-Dixon book, but it will probably have to wait until after Christmas.

Justin has requested something to use to hold his hot plates for eating dinner on the couch so I am going to try a few round dishcloths to use for that. Kind of a potholder/place mat idea.

I'm also toying with the idea of knitting some pillows for our couches. (I would use pillow blanks to fill them.) Who knows! :) Lots of ideas, but not much time to actually do them.

I'm out. Back to try to finish up that towel and watching LotR Fellowship of the Ring. ;)