Tuesday, July 3, 2007

MySpace - Update 7/3/07

Just wanted to write an update since I have kind of disappeared for the last few days.

Friday: Michelle took me to get my U-Haul truck (a mini-mover 10' truck that she called the 'itty bitty baby truck') and we loaded it about 1/3 full of everything that I had pre-packed. I spend the rest of that night breaking down my desk and packing anything else that I could.

Saturday: I woke up at 5:30 and kept packing and loading the truck, Michelle came back over at 9-ish and soon after Justin texted me that his plane had landed (a half hour early). Unfortunately their baggage check was taking a ridiculously long time so we ended up circling the airport for about an hour until his bag came out and we could leave. Michelle had to go get her mom (she just had major surgery and was being released to an assisted care facility for her rehab), so we said our goodbyes and Justin and I kept moving. Tigger was the last thing moved from the apartment to the truck after I had cleaned as much as I could, and we hit the road at 2:45pm. I had to stop and cancel my UPS Store mailbox and we ate before leaving to start the long, long drive. Tigger did really well this first day, meowing for only about 5 minutes before laying down and falling asleep (if you have ever moved a cat across the country before you know how rare this is). Long story short, we got into the hotel in Cameron, MO at about 9:30pm, went and got Taco Bell and brought it back to the room (where Tigger the fearless was bouncing around touching and smelling everything like a pro) and hit the hay.

Sunday: Slept in, got up around 8:00 and had some continental breakfast at the hotel. Turned in our keys and left again. Tigger wasn't too happy about a 2nd day of this silliness and he let me know it for about an hour and a half (until we were through Kansas City). We had to slow down for some rain that cleaned off the trucks but we apparently missed the really bad storms they were having down here. We only stopped once to break and put air in my leaky tire and made it the rest of the way, got here about 3pm Central. We unloaded my U-Haul, then my truck (the TVs, dishes and computer went in my truck) and Tigger the fearless was again at the task of smelling everything and letting us know about corners where the carpet was loose and the cable guy did a lousy install.

We've been unpacking since, had to go over to his old apt and get his big furniture and clean the place (although I'll admit that I slacked on the cleaning because I had to clean my own place!) We already have internet, he got that installed the day before coming up so this room was set up first, quickly followed by getting all of the dishes put away in the kitchen. Justin goes back to work today so I'm going to get as much done as possible in-between the few things that I have to venture out to do. Wish me luck!

I know most of them will never read this but I need to shout out thanks to Michelle for all of her emotional support and other help during the last few months, it's meant the world to me. Thanks to my mom and step-dad as well for financing my move! I couldn't have done it without them. Also thanks to Jenni for always responding to my texts about where we were! ;) I've missed her lately since she hasn't been at the computer much so it was nice to hear from her along the way. And of course, thanks to my lovely fiance for putting up with me (and Tigger) along the way and being my shoulder to lean on even when he was too exhausted to move.

That's it for now!! :)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

MySpace - Update 5/12/07

Figured I would throw an update here while I'm stuck at work for another 2 hours.

My foot is healing, I'm going to keep it wrapped up at least until I go down to Springfield on the 23rd - and I'll probably keep it wrapped for the drive. I'm walking without the crutches, I've learned how to walk so as to not use the ouchy part. My left leg is getting pretty sick of overcompensating though, I've been drinking water like a fish to avoid a charlie horse. I'm still not sure how I hurt my foot and not my ankle, but I guess that will remain a mystery.

I started packing up last weekend, I'm going to try to keep going as my foot allows - not really much to pack. (That's a VERY good thing.) I need to get over to Jer's and get the last of my stuff (extra car mats, one piece of luggage.. that miscellaneous stuff. AND the last of my dishes!!). I am pretty positive that I'm not going to fill the U-Haul.. but I have to get one because of my huge mattress. The things we do for love! (The love of my mattress, of course.) I'm helping Michelle move this coming Friday so that will be a good practice run for me.

I'm going down to Springfield for a week over the holiday, to look at places to live and hopefully get one and I made an appt at the temp agency in town that got me my job here at Thomson. I am planning a productive trip this time, I swear!! We'll probably go see Spiderman 3 as well.

Ummmmm what else.

10 or so people have applied for my job, so I hope we can hire someone by the start of June so that I have enough time to train them. I have to get my documentation (notes) all finished too, I've been a slacker about that lately.

I went shopping with Michelle last weekend and bought some new clothes and now I'm jonesing for more. Evil shopping!

I got the DVD in my blog (Pirates of the Caribbean 2) with my Coke Rewards points!! AWESOME!! Kind of funny since I won the first movie in a Disney sweepstakes. I told Justin that I'm sure to get #3 for free as well but now I've probably jinxed it.

Gilmore Girls is ending! I CRY!! :( I will now be forced to just watch the DVD sets over and over like when Buffy and Angel ended. So sad. At least I have 'The Office', 'Bones', and 'Criminal Minds' to keep me busy until the executive jerks cancel those as well.

For my birthday I want new clothes and a flash drive. That's about it.

Peace out (as we used to say back in the day) and ttyl!


Friday, April 6, 2007

MySpace - Update 4/6/07

I'm bored. Epic-ly bored.

I'm going to see 'The Reaping' with Michelle tomorrow afternoon and then go out for dinner, that will be fun! We went out to Noodles & Co. for lunch and it was so nice to get out of here for a little while. We just have nothing going on this week and finishing most of my projects has left me sleepy and slack-ish.

I love my new phone. I switched to Cingular (ported my number - so that's the same) so that Justin & I would have free M2M. Plus they have rollover! Awesomeness. It's about the same price I was paying for half of the T-Mobile shared plan but I get like 200 free text/pic messages a month plus rollover minutes. AND I got a new phone. Which is the point of all this. It's a navy blue RAZR. I was || close to getting a new KRZR but the extra $80 in my pocket was more inviting. Ordered it from BB online, worked pretty well even though their support sucks butt.

Tigger's been scratching the heck out of me, I've currently got 2 big ones healing on my back and a big one across my wrist/hand. They're all accidents but it's making me think seriously about setting up regular appointments to have his claws trimmed and filed at a groomer. Used to seem a little too prissy (even for me), but I think it's going to have to happen if he's going to keep those things.

I have like 350 Coke Rewards Points that I don't know what to do with. I wonder when it ends.

Justin pulled/tore a muscle in his leg. Ouch. :( I wish he could come up here or I could go down there but it's just not the right time for me with work. Boo. I think I'm going to go nuts if I have to wait until Memorial Day.

I got a new power supply and DVD burner for my computer. They are awesome. (The exhaust fan had died in my other power supply)

I'm hooked on 'Heroes'. Back on April 23rd. Can't wait!! Also, 3 months until the new 'Harry Potter' movie. omgz!

I've been really bad about correspondance lately - with friends, family, pretty much everyone. Sorry about that. Don't know why it's happened but I blame my kitten's need to play every 10 minutes. And being poor.

It's cold again. Freaking cold. It needs to warm up so I can stop paying to heat my place. Not hot, because I don't have A/C... but I am sick of the cold and it needs to go away now. kk?

I had to renew my registration and my new tab stickers are blue. They match my license plate. I like them.

I need to go grocery shopping after work, I'm completely out of pretty much everything. Boo. Come with me.

WoW: We hit level 70 and I just got my Spellfire Tailoring quest done this morning. Super fun. Flying mounts are teh ubar. I really like the new expansion stuff and hope to get to start doing dungeons soon.

That's about it. Ttyl.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

MySpace - Butters

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

MySpace - Update 3/22/07

My weekend started on Friday morning at about 9:45 when I left work and started the 8 1/2 hour drive to Springfield. It was blowing snow and 30 degrees when I left for my fairly uneventful drive (except for rush hour in Kansas City - ick!) and about 60 degrees and sunny when I arrived in Springfield greeted with hugs and kisses.

We didn't do much - none of the big plans that we had actually came through except for eating birthday cake. (I made him a cake! And it was good!)

Our weekend was mostly spent sleeping, snuggling, watching movies, shopping, going to see '300', eating and a little bit on the computer. We added 22 movies to our growing collection due to Best Buy sales and the Wal-Mart 5.50 bin, reinstalled Windows on Justin's machine due to evil Chinese WoW hackers and had our share of fast food.

Not really much to say other than it was a needed time off from everyday life for the both of us.

Tigger missed me, but my co-worker Michelle checked in with him twice to make sure he had food, clean litter, and mousie toys and he loves his Auntie Shell. He was a snugglekins when I got home and just wanted to snuggle and play until crashing next to my pillow where he slept like a good boy until 1 am when it was time to touch my face and wake me up for kitty kisses. (This is when he gets ejected from the room.)

That is all, I am back at work struggling to get back on track and catch up. Agh! And paying bills, and I need to get groceries on my way home. Agh! It's a good thing that tomorrow is pay day.

Monday, March 5, 2007

MySpace - Update 3/5/07

Well, I was going to post something like this on Friday or Saturday, but myspace was being a butthead and wouldn't let me, so here is a recap. It was a good, relaxing weekend!

Friday I worked late then headed home (slowly because of the snow) and watched Buffy for a few hours until Justin was finally off of work. It was late so we just went to bed (Sleep = good). Saturday I worked 4 hours in the morning and then went and got the last load of my stuff from Carrie's house (just empty packing boxes and Caroline's table and chairs), dropped off their key and let her in on all the office gossip since she hasn't been around in a few months. Then I headed home, unloaded, chilled for about an hour and then Michelle picked me up and we went to see 'Zodiac'. It was really good!! A suspensful thriller with little-to-no gore (which is my favorite kind of scary movie). It was long - about 2 hrs and 40 minutes so I was sleepy by the time it was over, but it was really good! Plus it had Jake Gyllenhaal and I will watch any movie he makes. Because... well... he's hot. And goofy. And I like that. Anyway... then I went home and watched more Buffy (I was re-watching season 6 although my disc 2 won't work - le cry!) and went to bed.

Sunday I didn't get up until 10:30 and that was super awesome. I haven't done that in ages but I really needed the sleep. Justin and I played all afternoon, took a break (to eat and I did my dishes) and then played some more - about 7 hours total. We got a full level on our characters so we were really happy. I am liking the new content with Burning Crusade, there are SO many quests to do in the new zones and having another person to do them with makes it fun and easy (even if we do have to kill twice as many mobs for the collection quests). I can't wait now to get my warrior (now 53) and druid (now 51) to 58 so that they can get their master professions and rock on.

So now it's Monday and I'm at work for 3.5 hours (because I am working next Saturday again). Hopefully Justin will just be getting up and ready to play when I get home around 11:15 and we can have another day of fun WoW frolicking. And I need to do laundry.

It's nice to relax!! I've missed it so. So, Caroline, sorry I didn't call you to do anything but I just wanted to have a cheap quiet weekend to myself since I haven't had many of those lately.

I can't wait to see Justin, driving down there on the 16th to celebrate his birthday with many snuggles and a few presents and I just can't wait!! Seriously, we'll try to get some wedding planning done this time. Really. I swear.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

MySpace - Update 2/21/07

I got to go to visit Justin last weekend, Saturday night until Wednesday morning - and it was the BEST Valentine's I've ever had. My plane got in early and he picked me up at the airport, in the apartment I got the first of my presents - chocolates (YUM), pink roses, 'Fever Pitch', and two coloring books (kittens and puppies) with a box of 96 crayons. My second present awaited on the dresser, the Onyxia expansion for the WoW TCG and six booster packs for the regular 'Heroes of Azeroth' TCG!! (I took my sweet time opening everything and reading them all - it was torture to him!) I was also treated to a yummy lunch at Valentine's and a trip to Build-a-Bear where I made my Justin bear! (Complete with khaki cargo pants, a hoodie and black sneakers.) It was super fun!!

My faith in Valentine's day has been reignited and now I am on the prowl to get him birthday presents that will show him how much I appreciate it! (I'll be headed back down in March for the weekend of his birthday!)

Have to finish getting ready for work and unpacking but I'll try to write more later! :)

<3 A

Friday, February 9, 2007

MySpace - Update 2/9/07


OK, now that I've gotten that out of the way...

Quick update. I had to get up at 5 am to be to work by 6:30 (got here at 6 though). Sucked. Drank a Starbucks Doubleshot and a 20oz. Diet Coke Cherry (no longer Diet Cherry Coke) and was then awakened by the caffine and sugar. I got to have a bagel for breakfast, and tacos and another Diet Coke Cherry for lunch with Michelle (YUM) and got some chocolate chip cookies for dessert. So I'm now hyped up on that much sugar and ready to leave at 2:30!!

Going grocery shopping and to Best Buy for some odds & ends.. maybe to Kohls because they have big bath sheets on sale and mine are from 1999 and don't absorb any liquids anymore. Gotta get TurboTax at Best Buy so I can get my returns in (hopefully tonight - depends on what time Justin gets off of work).

Tomorrow Caroline's coming down to hang out, we'll probably do some shopping and maybe go to David's Bridal.. hopefully she'll still come and not be mad at me for our e-mail spat today though. Carrie - if you are, just forgive me and realize I had to get up at 5 am. Take pity! Oh, and bring Spice if you want (yeah right - like you want her in your car for an hour) and she can play with Tigger. That would be entertainment enough for days! Are you staying with me?? If so, I'll buy you a new pillow. And make you breakfast! (If you're not too hungover for breakfast.)

Next weekend I fly to MO to spend a few days with Justin and have our Valentine's day (thanks mom!!). Flying out Saturday night late and flying back in early Wednesday morning. Anyone want to look after Tigger? Boo. If only I had local friends!! Car - if you are coming down here for that next weekend let me know and you can just stay at my place! Justin and I are going to hopefully find a church and book a date for the wedding - that's the goal at least. Then I'll be able to get the other pieces put together from here.

Work is going really good, I've been throwing out a lot more ideas now and they are warmly received (for now), so I hope that I can help to streamline and improve some things here before I have to leave.

Tigger's a menace. But I love him. He can't sleep in my room because he wakes me up to play every three hours, but we've really bonded and it's so nice to not be alone any more. I know now that it was feeding a lot of my sadness to be completely alone and am a ton happier with him around. I think Justin might even start to like him in a year or so. (hee hee) Oh, and when Tigger's in trouble he gets yelled at as 'TIGGER DUNN!' He's learning to fear that phrase. Picking up a squirt bottle tonight to help with 'training' (I wouldn't call it that.) because he really can just be a pain in my butt about some things. Not sure if it will work though, I sprayed him with the sink sprayer to get him off of the counter last night and he just sat there looking at me with 'how rude..' on his face.

That's about it. I'm over the peak of the sugar high typing spree now.

Love to all! Drop me a line!


Saturday, January 27, 2007

MySpace - Update 1/27/07

Wow, I've been crazy busy lately! At work, we've been moving equipment into my office so they've had to cut power, have me move my things, etc. But change is good, and soon it will be organized chaos. Another fun thing, I had the opportunity to put together a video that will be played next week at our National Sales Meeting on the bus rides. It is an 8 minute video about our little department and what we do (and why they should be selling it). It was really nice to stretch my creative legs with this and to get to experiment more with what Sony Vegas can do. I am really proud of my little video and am excited about possibly pursuing something similar as a career path down the line. Now I'm at work this weekend (yay for overtime, though) making the VHS tapes for the bus and also getting caught up on my own work which fell by the wayside while we were moving and doing this video for the meeting.

In other news, Tigger had his first vet appointment yesterday and he gets 2 gold stars!! The worst part of it for him was having his temperature taken, but he was very good with getting blood drawn for the FIV/FeLV tests (both negative - yay!), getting his rabies vaccination, and having the doc put some ointment in his eye. [[Thursday when I got home he wouldn't open his eye for me so I asked the doc at his appointment on Friday and even though it looked better she said it might be a viral infection so gave me some ointment for his eye that should relieve any pain and swelling.]]

I felt bad even though he was such a trooper, so I went and got him a bag of new toys which he is wearing himself out on. His favorites are the little mice that rattle when you shake them. He hides them everywhere and just plays with them for 2 hours straight, it's hilarious! I've taken some video of him doing it, will post it up here soon.

Well, that's really all for now. Winter has returned (ugh), I miss Justin, and I can't wait to see him Feb 17th!! Hope all is well with you! Leave me comments or messages and let me know what's up!

<3 A

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

MySpace - Update 1/24/07

First, I have a new kitten named Tigger!

He is almost 9 months old, an orange/white tabby domestic shorthair. I got him on January 20th at the Minnesota Valley Humane Society. His given name was Tiger, but the staff kept calling him Tigger and when we got home I found out about his "in your face" personality and bouncing habit and decided that he really is a Tigger.

We've had some differences due to his kitten-ness and my lack of recent kitten interaction.. I have to stop what I'm doing sometimes and just play with him for 10 minutes until he can calm down again. He was waking me up every three hours attacking my ponytail or head-butting my forehead, so I've decided that he can have the run of the rest of the house at night and I can sleep in peace. (Although apparently he prefers sleeping right outside my door to guard me - I think Justin must have had a talk with him.) The newest thing, he decided that my books just really didn't need to be on the shelf last night and knocked half of them off to make a nice spot for himself to sniff around. We'll see about this one, I've put the books back and now I know to keep an eye on them.

He also picked up begging for my food really fast and I'm trying to be firm on teaching him that he can have a treat when I'm done eating. It helps to be in that mindset after raising a parrot for almost two years, I am especially conscious of how I have to be consistent with my actions so that he trains faster and better. Thankfully he has only had one puking accident (on my bed - eew) but he's fighting with roundworms so it's understandable.

Overall, his mellow personality is very comforting and he's just a little love bug! And a very brave boy too, upon his homecoming he wasn't afraid of my apartment at all - just sniffed around and found all of the hiding places and then fell asleep.


The second piece of news - I finally heard from my friend Angie who I used to freelance for when I worked (and after I was let go) for Aveda! It was SO good to hear from her again, I had missed her a lot and was glad when she asked if we should have cocktails on Monday. We went out and over drinks talked about what had happened over the year and briefly about some new jobs that she had for me. She even thinks that most of it can still be done after I move to Missouri this summer, so that's really good news. I've already gotten my first two projects from her that I will start working on tonight, so I'm very excited for the additional distraction and income! (I told Tigger that he has to let me work because it pays for his catnip toys so he mostly understands. Mostly.)

So that's the news for now, it's nice to have another sentient being around the house so that it's not just eerily quiet or me talking to myself.

Hope all is well with you!

Monday, January 8, 2007

MySpace - Update 1/8/07

So you heard about my New Years weekend.. now for the rest of the week. I'm starting to think that maybe every Friday or Monday I should post about the previous week. We'll see how that goes..

Justin was still here (YAY), so I worked Tuesday and Wednesday and then took off Thursday and Friday to move more and unpack and just spend time with my new fiance. It was really nice to cook again!! I made hamburger helper, spaghetti and macaroni and cheese and it felt like our little home.. it is making me look forward to July when I'll be moving down to Missouri and we'll be together every day!! Also I got cable hooked up!! Internet to follow shortly...

Saturday we headed to St. Cloud to hang out with Caroline & Marlo, we hung out at Marlo's for a little while then went and saw 'Freedom Writers' which wasn't a movie I'd go see, but it was good. (More Caroline's kind of movie). We went out and had a few drinks, initiated Justin in with a Hairy Buffalo at MC's and then went back to Marlo's to sober up, stopped at Wally World for chocolate goodies (Caroline NEEDED cookies and cream ice cream.. with extra cookies!!) and then went back home, ate our goodies and went to bed.

Sunday morning when I finally figured out Caroline was awake again around 10 am we got ready and went out to breakfast at Perkins. Yum yum! Justin's throat was hurting really bad so I got to order for him!! Fun because I got it right so I didn't get pinched. We said our goodbyes and headed back home last night for his last night here. We finished watching the Harry Potter movies (which he liked - Yay!), had dinner, and went to bed after lots of snuggle time.

I did NOT want to get up this morning because I knew that he would be leaving. I'm still trying not to cry.. it's really hard to be apart now but I know I'll get through it with all of the unpacking, planning, and re-packing I'll have to do in the next 6 months. It was a hard goodbye again and then into work where I was immediately swamped with things to do because I had taken a 4-day weekend. It's kept my mind busy, thankfully - and he called me about an hour and a half ago to let me know where he was. I already miss him terribly and just thinking about going home to my empty apartment makes my heart ache. Thank goodness he won't read this until he's home and too tired to drive back!

So all-in-all, 2007 is off to a wonderful start. I got to spend a load of quality time with my favorite person and he got to meet my best friend. I know that this won't be the high point in my year, so I look forward to all that the year has in store for me. I hope that you all have had a good start too, and if not - brush it off and let's get this happy year rolling!

Love to all,

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

MySpace - Update 1/2/07

Happy New Year!

My New Year's weekend started out on Saturday morning, loading as much as I could into my little Vue from Carrie's house and moving it to my new house in South St. Paul. I made two trips and got all of the boxes I had packed and stashed in the hallway, all of my bathroom stuff and a little more. Then I headed out to have lunch with Caroline, Scott & Scott's friend Nate. Right before the food came (I was starving!!) my aunt/uncle/grandma called to say congratulations and ask about Justin. I answered all of their questions and they let me go fill my tummy. Around 4 Justin arrived at my new apartment and after hugs and kisses I put him to work! We went and picked up my U-Haul truck and headed to the old apartment. We got my king size bed, desk, bookshelves, and other misc. furniture along with some dishes and silverware. I drove it (aiyee!) the 10 miles to my new place and we unloaded, set up the bed and zonked out.

Sunday we unpacked, moved more stuff from Carrie's and veged. We were going to head up to St. Cloud to see Caroline but by the time she & we were ready to leave town the weather had taken a turn for the worst and we were having a snowstorm. She called us from the road and said there were lots of cars in the ditch, a few accidents, and top speed was about 40 mph. (EEW!) So we stayed home, I unpacked some more, and we went to bed early.

Yesterday we had a 'Good Morning!' 'Happy New Year!' war upon waking up and I decided that we should go get the televisions from the old apartment. So I got ready and we went. It was easier than I expected!! I grabbed some things we didn't feel like taking on Saturday because moving the big stuff was so tiring and only an hour and a half later I was hooking up my dvd player in the bedroom and we were popping in a movie! (no couch in the living room so movies are more fun laying in bed). We went and had a huge breakfast, unpacked, watched movies and had a lazy day (finally!!).

I am working today and tomorrow, but have taken Thursday and Friday off to hopefully finish most of the unpacking and spend some quality time with my fiance before he has to go back home and work far too much. My cable is being installed tomorrow morning and I hope to have internet soon after!

That's about it for now, I'll get some pictures taken of my new place and put them up when I can. Thanks to my friends and family (old and new) for your love and support during this time, it has made all of the difference!