Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sock Prep

My new Harmony sock needles and yarn finally arrived last week! I took a break from the big projects to do a swatch of the Essentials Multi yarn with US 1/2.25mm needles and ended up with a gauge of about 10 stitches per inch! Crazy! :) Here's my little swatch and a closer-up of my new needles:

I'm going to try to finish up some projects before I do anything with socks or wristlets and I think I'll use the KnitPicks yarn first before using the good stuff that my mom sent me. :) She added some Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn and TOFUtsies to my birthday box - I think the Noro will probably become a set of wristlets for the cold, cold typing at work. I'm planning to do the 'self-striping' where you do 2 rows from one end of the skein and then 2 rows from the other end to break up the big chunks of color - looking ravelry those usually end up looking really neat. Then I'll hopefully be able to make a nice pair of socks (in the right size) out of the pretty blue TOFUtsies. :)

Not much news for now, I'm trying to finish up my Candy Button Baby Blanket which will be my first finished project in ages! It's really cute, now I just have to find a baby to give it to. :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Why that song is going through my head at 6 AM, no one knows. :)

I am RABID to receive my KnitPicks package in the mail tomorrow, and if it doesn't come by Sunday I may have a breakdown. I've been soothing my sock knitting urges with my first Everlasting Bagstopper and just finished the first skein last night. I told myself if I could just get that far I'd go back and finish Justin's Jayne hat and the baby blanket I started to do some stashbusting, but even I know it was just a lie. :) I will try though! It will be hard because the Bagstopper is so much fun.

I'm also trying NOT to buy any more yarn until I can finish up at least 5 or 6 projects. I have some sock yarn coming with my itty bitty needles (to get myself to $50 for the free shipping) but after that I'm really going to try to behave.

Wedding planning - we ordered the cakes last night, I think they're going to be awesome. Justin took charge when ordering his own groom's cake ('chocolate with chocolate and more chocolate') so even he had fun. :) I also found an available place to have the reception - University Plaza (where we hold lots of events so I know the planning people). It's probably a bit more spendy than where I wanted to be but I know it will be good. I have an appt on Saturday to look at rooms and figure out if we want to do it there. The only catch is that we can't even get IN to the rooms until 2 or 3 pm - but I figure that's no biggy, it gives people time to relax and then we can do a dinner reception instead of a weird 'late lunch' kind of thing.

That's about all for now. I just need strength to get through this!