Wednesday, February 21, 2007

MySpace - Update 2/21/07

I got to go to visit Justin last weekend, Saturday night until Wednesday morning - and it was the BEST Valentine's I've ever had. My plane got in early and he picked me up at the airport, in the apartment I got the first of my presents - chocolates (YUM), pink roses, 'Fever Pitch', and two coloring books (kittens and puppies) with a box of 96 crayons. My second present awaited on the dresser, the Onyxia expansion for the WoW TCG and six booster packs for the regular 'Heroes of Azeroth' TCG!! (I took my sweet time opening everything and reading them all - it was torture to him!) I was also treated to a yummy lunch at Valentine's and a trip to Build-a-Bear where I made my Justin bear! (Complete with khaki cargo pants, a hoodie and black sneakers.) It was super fun!!

My faith in Valentine's day has been reignited and now I am on the prowl to get him birthday presents that will show him how much I appreciate it! (I'll be headed back down in March for the weekend of his birthday!)

Have to finish getting ready for work and unpacking but I'll try to write more later! :)

<3 A

Friday, February 9, 2007

MySpace - Update 2/9/07


OK, now that I've gotten that out of the way...

Quick update. I had to get up at 5 am to be to work by 6:30 (got here at 6 though). Sucked. Drank a Starbucks Doubleshot and a 20oz. Diet Coke Cherry (no longer Diet Cherry Coke) and was then awakened by the caffine and sugar. I got to have a bagel for breakfast, and tacos and another Diet Coke Cherry for lunch with Michelle (YUM) and got some chocolate chip cookies for dessert. So I'm now hyped up on that much sugar and ready to leave at 2:30!!

Going grocery shopping and to Best Buy for some odds & ends.. maybe to Kohls because they have big bath sheets on sale and mine are from 1999 and don't absorb any liquids anymore. Gotta get TurboTax at Best Buy so I can get my returns in (hopefully tonight - depends on what time Justin gets off of work).

Tomorrow Caroline's coming down to hang out, we'll probably do some shopping and maybe go to David's Bridal.. hopefully she'll still come and not be mad at me for our e-mail spat today though. Carrie - if you are, just forgive me and realize I had to get up at 5 am. Take pity! Oh, and bring Spice if you want (yeah right - like you want her in your car for an hour) and she can play with Tigger. That would be entertainment enough for days! Are you staying with me?? If so, I'll buy you a new pillow. And make you breakfast! (If you're not too hungover for breakfast.)

Next weekend I fly to MO to spend a few days with Justin and have our Valentine's day (thanks mom!!). Flying out Saturday night late and flying back in early Wednesday morning. Anyone want to look after Tigger? Boo. If only I had local friends!! Car - if you are coming down here for that next weekend let me know and you can just stay at my place! Justin and I are going to hopefully find a church and book a date for the wedding - that's the goal at least. Then I'll be able to get the other pieces put together from here.

Work is going really good, I've been throwing out a lot more ideas now and they are warmly received (for now), so I hope that I can help to streamline and improve some things here before I have to leave.

Tigger's a menace. But I love him. He can't sleep in my room because he wakes me up to play every three hours, but we've really bonded and it's so nice to not be alone any more. I know now that it was feeding a lot of my sadness to be completely alone and am a ton happier with him around. I think Justin might even start to like him in a year or so. (hee hee) Oh, and when Tigger's in trouble he gets yelled at as 'TIGGER DUNN!' He's learning to fear that phrase. Picking up a squirt bottle tonight to help with 'training' (I wouldn't call it that.) because he really can just be a pain in my butt about some things. Not sure if it will work though, I sprayed him with the sink sprayer to get him off of the counter last night and he just sat there looking at me with 'how rude..' on his face.

That's about it. I'm over the peak of the sugar high typing spree now.

Love to all! Drop me a line!