Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's 3/3/09. Do you know where your children are?

For some reason I have the Daily Show's theme song playing through my head over and over, along with the background music for Super Paper Mario Wii. The second one I know is because I spent days of play time on there and finally finished it so now am in withdrawal. MySims looks promising, though. ;)

Let's see... updates... I'm still jobless. Lame. But, my car is paid off and I even paid off our car insurance for 6 months so my unemployment covers bills, groceries and more. Another good thing - I have health insurance again - just waiting for the cards from Justin's plans. I went and did it with him this year to make sure we got everything we need (like the HSA) - their system is confusing!! I spun up my second roving but haven't done my newest ones yet:
My second handspun:

My rovings to be spun up:

I got pretty new yarns from Sunshine: (Mother's Day, April Showers & Blue Ice)
Mother's DayApril ShowersBlue Ice
And some others from Ravelry members. My yarn bins overfloweth!

I've been working on my 2nd cowl/wimple/smoke ring for me - halfway through the 3rd repeat! I am going to do 5 with this one as well so that it sits on my shoulders when I have it over my hair. It's going to be really wide but I'm a lot more confident in the pattern now! I am already planning my next cowl - it will be the 'Birthday Cowl' (on Ravelry) in 'April Showers'. :D That pattern is a lot easier so it should be super fast, too.

Not much else to report. I am thinking up a project for little scraps of leftover yarns but I'm not sure which to do. :)

OK, off to make dinner! :D