Saturday, May 12, 2007

MySpace - Update 5/12/07

Figured I would throw an update here while I'm stuck at work for another 2 hours.

My foot is healing, I'm going to keep it wrapped up at least until I go down to Springfield on the 23rd - and I'll probably keep it wrapped for the drive. I'm walking without the crutches, I've learned how to walk so as to not use the ouchy part. My left leg is getting pretty sick of overcompensating though, I've been drinking water like a fish to avoid a charlie horse. I'm still not sure how I hurt my foot and not my ankle, but I guess that will remain a mystery.

I started packing up last weekend, I'm going to try to keep going as my foot allows - not really much to pack. (That's a VERY good thing.) I need to get over to Jer's and get the last of my stuff (extra car mats, one piece of luggage.. that miscellaneous stuff. AND the last of my dishes!!). I am pretty positive that I'm not going to fill the U-Haul.. but I have to get one because of my huge mattress. The things we do for love! (The love of my mattress, of course.) I'm helping Michelle move this coming Friday so that will be a good practice run for me.

I'm going down to Springfield for a week over the holiday, to look at places to live and hopefully get one and I made an appt at the temp agency in town that got me my job here at Thomson. I am planning a productive trip this time, I swear!! We'll probably go see Spiderman 3 as well.

Ummmmm what else.

10 or so people have applied for my job, so I hope we can hire someone by the start of June so that I have enough time to train them. I have to get my documentation (notes) all finished too, I've been a slacker about that lately.

I went shopping with Michelle last weekend and bought some new clothes and now I'm jonesing for more. Evil shopping!

I got the DVD in my blog (Pirates of the Caribbean 2) with my Coke Rewards points!! AWESOME!! Kind of funny since I won the first movie in a Disney sweepstakes. I told Justin that I'm sure to get #3 for free as well but now I've probably jinxed it.

Gilmore Girls is ending! I CRY!! :( I will now be forced to just watch the DVD sets over and over like when Buffy and Angel ended. So sad. At least I have 'The Office', 'Bones', and 'Criminal Minds' to keep me busy until the executive jerks cancel those as well.

For my birthday I want new clothes and a flash drive. That's about it.

Peace out (as we used to say back in the day) and ttyl!