Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SP13 Reveal

Not only did I get the lien release on my car from GMAC today, but my final Secret Pal 13 package arrived!!

I couldn't believe all the stuff in the box, going through and unwrapping it all was so fun! (Plus now Tigger has pink bubble wrap to pop.)

Inside was:
  • 'The Chicks with Sticks Guide to Knitting'
  • a pattern sheet for two different scarves
  • a skein of Claudia Hand Painted Worsted in 'Turquoise Jeans'
  • two sets of US8 needles (clover bamboo and a shorter pair that will be perfect for portable projects)
  • a project bag
  • set of 'Ice Cream Parlor' lip balms (I am addicted to Chapstick and have it in every room of the house)
  • a Boye Pom-Pon maker (which I need but have been putting off buying!)
  • a set of 4 beautiful blue stitch markers
  • a quick reference chart and book that I will keep in the coffee table drawer with my other supplies
  • and a yarn bookmark. :D
I haven't decided yet if I will make the scarf from the pattern or maybe something else - this is my first worsted weight 100% wool. :)

Thank you so much to my secret pal Judy, this has been a great swap!! :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

February Update

What's new... let's see. I still haven't found a new job. I've started selling some things - old textbooks that I will never need and CDs that I no longer listen to. It makes a little cash and cleans out the house! (to make room for more yarn!) I have successfully spun 2 skeins of yarn that I am proud of. I am trying to finish my neverending pile of knitting projects while still starting more! Agh! On the bright side, I know that GMAC received my payment so I was able to cross 'pay off my car' off of my list of goals for this year!! Wahoo!!

Not much else is going on, really. Just trying not to go crazy being at home every day. My newest knitting project is baby bibs from all of the cotton yarn that I have picked up at sales in the last year. My first one turned out really cute and only took a few hours so I am hoping to bust through my stash and get them all done soon!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spindle Pain


I gave my drop spindle another try today, and I think I was getting pretty good. I almost got through the 8 oz of pencil roving that my mom gave me with the spindle, but it hurt quite a bit and the spindle was getting heavy. Before my nap, my feet were the most painful thing. After my nap, my biceps are on FIRE. My left thumb is also numb, feels like it might blister. :( (From spinning the spindle.) I've put an Icy Hot patch on my right arm to try to help (super tingly is better than burning pain right now) so hopefully it will get better overnight, but I wanted to post a little something because I may not be up for typing a blog in the next few days!

A picture of what I accomplished today:

I think I want to try plying it which will make about a worsted weight, maybe a little thicker.

Spinning today was so fun, I can't wait to do more. Once I heal. :)